Vesa Kilpi

Check the map from here: Kuivinniementie

Guide signs in the junction of Tuohikotti
and Mäntyharjuntie.

Reservations, enquiries and the driving instructions in English:

Vesa Kilpi, preferably via e-mail or
tel. +35850 379 39 44

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Booking Conditions

General information:

The tenant of the cottage agrees to comply with the instructions and acts in order to maintain the cottage and its
surroundings with appropriate use. In case any accidental damages occur it must be immediately informed and the tenant agrees to pay the damages which are result of the tenant's action.

Weekly Bookings:

Reservation fee is paid within 7 days after booking confirmation.
The reservation fee payed will not be refunded in case of cancellation.
Final payment must be done no later than 6 weeks before arrival.
In case of cancellation, if done within 29 to 14 days before arrival, 30% of the final fee can be refunded.

In case of later cancellations, the fees will not be refunded.

If booking time is one week, the reservation payment must be payed once, if the arrival date is less than 30 days. Cancellations terms are the same as referred before.

For bookings shorter than a week, the total fee must be payed once and it shall be done within 7 days after receiving the confirmation of reservation.
The fee paid is not refundable.

The names, dates of birth and passport numbers of the tenants and all occupants are required before booking can be confirmed.